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We have vehicles to suit almost any occasion - all of them distinctly different  from the usual limousine  - no chance you'll miss them in the car parks!

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Our cars are unique - to begin with, we found 2 of approximately 250 LTI TX2s imported into the USA. These brilliant "big little limos" not only have enormous head and legroom but also have easy access, unlike many other limos. As long as you're not in a hurry, they're wonderful - and at least we won't get speeding tickets! But who wants to rush through Wine Tastings, anyway?

We use our other vehicles for longer trips outside the 15- mile radius of Temecula in order to save wear and tear on our rare TX2s. Our SUVs are also a little different - they are standard long wheel base but have a limousine interior. The Explorer Limousine Van seats up to 9 and the high top makes entry and exit easy!  Our Lincoln Limousine seats 6 and has a fifth door so no-one needs to crawl in.......The newest Limousine Bus is great for larger groups and is not only comfortable but stylish with its custom exterior.

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