We based our choice of wineries on

1. The quality of the wines
2. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff
3. The atmosphere and ambiance of the tasting rooms

DID YOU KNOW…..The USA now consumes more wine than any other country in the world – including France, Spain and Germany!


We are happy to customize your tour: Please give us a call on (951) 491-5057.   NB There may be an additional charge for some wineries

Also most wineries now require advance bookings for limousine companies, particularly on weekends.  If there are any wineries you would like to visit, we need to know at least 72 hours in advance.

Additional Reccommendations:

No additional charge

Additional charge

Briar Rose Winery
Callaway Winery Wilson Creek Winery – $10 pp
Danza del Sol Winery Europa Village – $7.50 pp
Hart Winery Doffo Winery – $10pp (no charge Hidden Treasures Tour)
Bel Vino Winery
Lorimar Winery
Palumbo Family Vineyards & Winery
Peltzer Family Cellars
Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery
Oak Mountain Winery & Caves
Monte de Oro Winery
Falkner Winery
Masia de la Vinya Winery

There are many great wineries in the area and very few we would not recommend.

Most  wineries require reservations for limousine companies so if you would like to visit particular wineries please let us know  your choices as soon as possible. That way we can advise you of any extra charges and plan your day accordingly.

We are happy to take you to any wineries of your choice but those which do not appear on our list will have extra charges at varying rates.

briar rose winery

Briar Rose Winery Very picturesque boutique winery producing award-winning, hand-crafted, small lot, premium artisan wines, specializing in red varietals. Briar Rose is one of the hidden gems in the Temecula Valley - as Temecula's first reservation-only tasting room with friendly and knowledgeable staff, your reception is personal as well as instructive. An excellent location with beautiful grounds, as perfect for a leisurely stroll as it is for tasting some lovely wines. Owned by Les and Dorian Linkogle who have made it their goal to make each visitor feel special. *** Special Offer for Temecula Black Car clients - buy any 2 bottles, get a third for $1!!***
Winemaker Les Linkogle

Callaway Winery

Callaway Winery Callaway Vineyard & Winery currently grows seven different varietals. The winery property now has 20 acres of Estate vineyards planted with Viognier, Syrah, Dolcetto, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Grenache, Roussanne, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The Lin family owns an additional 200 acres of property at the corner of De Portola Road and Monte de Oro, of which approximately 50 acres are currently planted with Chardonnay, Cinsault, Mourvedre, Muscat Canelli and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Winemaker Craig Larsen

danza del sol winery

Danza del Sol Winery One of the few wineries that stays open after 5pm. Danza has a wide selection of wines including some of the best desert wines I have ever tasted. The staff are eager to please and very friendly which makes a visit to Danza a great experience. A recent addition to the winery is their new member's tasting room, a beautiful serene spot with lovely gardens and views.
Tours available daily at 11am and must be booked well in advance. Call us on (951) 491-5057
Winemaker Art Villareal

Hart Family Winery Hart is one of the smallest wineries on Rancho California (the main road in the wine country) and to quote from the guide book to Temecula wineries The Grape Escape 2 by Bob and Cindy Rhodes, “We made a point to ask each of the winemakers with whom we met, whose Temecula wines they admire. Jo Hart’s name was voiced over and over again. In fact his was usually the first named mentioned in answer to our question.” Need we say more!
Winemaker Jim Hart
Image courtesy Hart

Lorimar Winery

Lorimar Winery Lorimar Winery was founded by brothers-in-law Lawrie Lipton and Mark Manfeld, combining their first names to name it! They opened their Old Town Location in 2009 awaiting the construction of their beautiful Wine Country location which opened in 2012 with breathtaking views of Mount Palomar and the Santa Ana Mountains. Their wines are distinguished by a fruit-forward Tuscan style and there is music by local musicians on the patio at weekends.
Image courtesy Lorimar
Winemaker Marshall Stewart

masia de la vinya

Masia de la Vinya Formerly Masia de Yabar, now owned and run by Bob Olson who also owns Danza del Sol on the de Portola trail. Beautifully re-designed and re-planted, the winery has lovely views above De Portola Road (you can see our house!) and the wines here, though different from those at Danza, are also excellent. - Winemaker Arturo Villareal

palumbo family vineyards

Palumbo Family Vineyards & Winery Located between the two trails and owned and lovingly tended by Nick and Cindy Palumbo, this is another winery off the beaten path which produces excellent handcrafted artisan wines. It is a true family venture as they not only work but live on the property.Though most of their wines are red, there is usually at least one white on the tasting menu. All of them are delicious!
Winemaker Nicholas Palumbo

Peltzer tasting room

Peltzer Family Cellars "Temecula's newest winery owned and farmed by the 4th generation of the Pelzer farming family. Their Pumpkin farm is already a local institution and now with their delicious wines, their Crush House winery is bound to be a great hit ! Tastings paired with Great Harvest bread samples, also available for purchase in the Crush House.
Winemaker Jon McPherson

view from oak mountain winery

Oak Mountain Winery Perhaps one of the friendliest wineries in the area and well-frequented by locals - you’ll often see staff from other wineries enjoying the excellent wines. Outstanding views and music that is played every weekend. As well as an outside tasting bar during the summer, Oak Mountain also have an outside wine Margarita bar. They are constructing the only wine cave in the area, which should be open in August.
Cave tours available by appointment, advance notification required. CALL US ON (951) 491-5057
Winemaker Steve Andrews

robert renzoni winery

Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery With a family history of wine and cordial making dating back to 1996 with Robert's great grandfather Federico in Fano, Italy it's perhaps not surprising that Robert purchased the beautiful acreage on De Portola to continue the family business in 2004. His carefully tended vines produces wonderfully rich Italian varietal and Tony thinks their Port is the best in the Valley. They have recently opened impressive new tasting rooms with amazing views of the Valle de los Caballos and a great new trattoria, Mama Rosa's, but personally I will miss the cozy old barrel room!

Vineyard Walking Tours available, must be booked in advance as space is limited, no refunds within 48 hours. Call us on (951)491-5057
Winemaker Robert Renzoni

bel vino winery

Bel Vino Winery (formerly Stewart Cellars) Recently purchased by Mike and Debbie Janko who have big plans to improve the tasting room and winery while keeping the Stewart family to produce the wine and manage the tasting room. To quote from one of our customers, Edra from San Antonio, “The best winery I have ever been to.”
Production tours available - must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
Call us on (951) 491-5057
Winemaker George Bursick

Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek Winery "Wilson Creek Winery is warm and friendly, comfortable yet exhilarating, simple yet elegant, all inspirations from the Estate wines, vineyards and Mount Palomar in the distance. The Wilson family all join together to make your Temecula Valley experience an enjoyable one, one that you will remember!"- Wilson Creek
NB There is a $10 supplement per person for tastings at Wilson Creek. Also, if you wish to visit on the weekends, we must have 24 hours' notice in order to make a booking.
Winemaker Gus Vizgirda

Europa Village

Europa Village Offering wines in the finest European tradition, Europa specializes in wines from France, Spain and Italy. More than 30 acres have been planted and there are plans in the works for separate venues for the wines from each of these three countries. They will be connected by a series of shops and walking paths with a 40 room resort and spa.NB There is a $7.50 extra charge per person for this winery

Tours and classes available and must be booked in advance. Call us on (951) 491-5057
Winemaker George Bursick

Doffo Vineyards

Doffo Vineyards At the far end of Rancho California, Doffo was purchased in 1997 by Marcello Doffo and is another family owned winery producing excellent red wines. It is situated near Lake Skinner on 15 acres of gently rolling land with lovely views over the cultivated fields in the area. Classical music is played in the vineyards and the resulting fruits are rich and intense. Who knows?
NB, With the exception of our Hidden Treasures tours, this winery is available at an additional charge of $10pp.

Walking and guided tours available, guided tours must be booked in advance. Call us on (951) 491-5057
Winemaker Marcello Doffo

Monte de Oro -To craft award winning wines, it requires a dedicated and passionate team of winemakers. Monte De Oro’s Executive Winemaking Consultant, Tim Kramer, and Assistant Winemaker and Barrel Cellar Manager, David Allbright, work in conjunction with Monte De Oro Managing Partner, Ken Zignorski to develop, lead and oversee our winemaking strategies. These practices include: annual grape cultivation, sampling and harvest, wine barrel cooper selection, topping, racking and aging protocols, wine blending, filtering and bottling, wine releases and other supporting activities.
Image courtesy Monte de Oro

falkner winery tasting room

Falkner Winery Founded by Ray and Loretta Falkner in 2000, the winery sits high above the valley with spectacular views in every direction. The tasting rooms and staff are friendly and the atmosphere is that of a family owned and very much hands-on winery. The Pinnacle restaurant is excellent and it's where we take our lunch tours. Also a perfect wedding venue!
Winemaker Duncan Williams


La Serenissima Winery and John Tiso Vineyards High in the hills of Sunshine Summit near Warner Springs is this outstanding Venetian style winery with it's sustainable vineyards, practicing all natural and eco-sensitive viticulture. The wines are unfiltered, the grapes are grown to be in tune with the landscape - irrigation deficient to promote the deep rooting which seeks out the natural nutrients - no fertilizers and pesticides here! The Tiso family are obsessive about quality and don't release any wines before time - ageing in American, Hungarian and French oak barrels in cool cellars for 12-48 months.

Tastings are on a reservation-only basis as they are conducted primarily by Tony Tiso who will take time from his work day to deliver exceptional hospitality; explaining the Tiso methods and giving great tours of his beautiful family winery. Call us on (951) 491-5057
Images courtesy La Serenissima
Winemaker Tony Tiso

Sierra Roble Winery Owned and operated by David and Janine Lowe who "retired" to this lovely property and planted a small hobby vineyard in 2006, first harvest in 2007. As their passion for winemaking grew, they purchased additional acres near their home on the north east slope of Palomar Mountain, planted another 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec vines, built their tasting rooms and the winery was born. Now assisted by their 3 generation family they concentrate on traditional Bordeaux varietals and extend a warm welcome to all visitors!
Open Friday-Sunday
Image courtesy Sierra Roble
Winemaker David Lowe

Hawk Watch Winery Owned by Mike & Lisa Schnell and opened in 2008, Hawk Watch's winemaking philosophy is old-world, using tradional techniques to produce full bodied intense reds and fruit driven whites. Production is entirely in-house and their vines are chosen with the local topography and environment in mind - both of which are challenging. They have a good range of wines, from fruit-forward whites to rich, full bodied reds, something to suit every palate. Oh, and Mousers Zena and Zorro keep the place in tip-top shape!
Winemaker Mike Schnell
Open Friday-Sunday
Image courtesy Hawk Watch

Shadow Mountain Vineyards Located in Sunshine Summit at an elevation of 3500 feet, the cool dry nights and Pacific breezes make an ideal location for grape growing. The vineyard was originally established in 1945 by Agusto and Helen Mase and still bears his name. Now owned by Alex and Pam since 1990, Shadow Mountain specializes in Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Canelli. They also have cottages for rent in the grounds.
Open Friday-Sunday
Image courtesy Shadow Mountain

Winemaker Alexander McGeary

Emerald Creek Winery Located in the Dameron Creek area of Warner Springs on the Riverside county line, Emerald Creek is the newest of the Warner Springs wineries. Winemaker Mike Tingley has brought his experience and excellent skills to this beautiful new winery which is located over a large aquifer with its abundant supply of low-salinity water. The winery offers multiple events and tours as well as wedding venues.
Image courtesy Emerald Creek
Winemaker Mike Tingley

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