LTI TX2 London Executive Sedans


Our cars are very unusual – wherever we go people will stop and ask us about them. The usual reaction we get is “Wow look at all the room in the back!” and “It’s so cute!” With so much attention the car is ideal for weddings, an outing for that special person or client and a great way to promote a business. Call us on <(951) 491-5057, let us know how we can help and we will go the extra mile to make sure your special occasion is truly special.

 The cars don’t have a front passenger seat as this is where the luggage is carried when they are used as taxis in London. There is virtually no “boot” (trunk) space – enough for a few bottles of wine – which makes for great leg room for our clients!

A note for car enthusiasts –

Our vehicles’ design , the TX range, was first introduced on the streets of London in 1997 to replace the ageing Austin FX4 and has much of the original charismatic appeal of the original Austins. Both of our cars are TX2s. In 2004 LTI (London Taxi International, the vehicle manufacturer) exported approximately 250 to North America, complete with left-hand drives. We were fortunate in finding 2, one in Florida and the other in New Jersey. Examples like ours remained in production until 2006 when the TX4 was introduced – there was no TX3 . So with no more being imported into the USA (or at least until 2032, when they’re over 25 years old!), we are a rare breed indeed!

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