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Snow in Finchampstead, Berkshire UK for the about us page

The beginning of our story, snow while we were packing up to leave. Great timing!

This is our California story, all about us!

In 2010, three weather-weary residents of Finchampstead, Berkshire in the United Kingdom embarked on an adventure – we sold up and moved out to California.

The move had been in the offing for a number of years; actually since our elder son Peter had declared at the age of 14 that he was going to live in California!

Of course at that time it was impractical, Tony and I were working, Chris and Pete were in school and our parents weren’t getting any younger.

It was a dream on the back burner.

Both Tony and I worked in the aviation industry – first for Pan Am, then Gulf Air and United – for many years.

We were both fortunate to have been raised in a number of countries; my father was in the US diplomatic service and Tony’s worked for DuPont International.

We managed to continue our travels throughout our time with the airlines, visiting most corners of the world.

At Tony’s somewhat premature retirement from United, we started making plans for a change, not knowing quite where we were going to end up.

Having cared for our parents for many years and having put the children through school and university we thought it high time for an adventure!

Tony’s green card in hand we made the move to Temecula.

United Airlines - our flight from the UK to the US for the about us page

The weather up here is an improvement

View from Leoness Winery, De Portola Road for the about us page

We couldn't have found a more beautiful part of California The story continues......

Temecula was a windfall – it actually wasn’t our first choice of destination.

My family retired to Poway in the 1980s and that was our target area.

The boys spent most summers there with their Nana and it was familiar territory.

We never realized what a beautiful and friendly place Temecula was until we ended up here by real-estate mishap!

The luckiest turn of fate we could have had...

After renovating a house and a condo we decided we needed a job.

By that time we had fallen in love with the Wine Country, sampling our way through some fantastic vineyards.

We had contemplated importing renovated London Black Cabs from a contact we have in the UK, then decided to combine our passion for wine with our passion for cabs, and Temecula Black Car was born!

Anxious to get our venture under way we managed to locate our first cab in Florida (the Duchess) and off we flew to get her!

We had the most wonderful trip back on the I 10 through the South, none of which we had seen before.

Though we all struggled a bit with the Southern accents ( and they with ours!) we found nothing but kindness and good spirits the whole way.

The story of our LTI TX2s for the about us page

Sharing a bit of our heritage - The story of our rare and unique  LTI TX2s

The Duke and the Duchess, LTI TX2s for the about us page

The Duke and Duchess!

We started setting up the company on our return and soon after getting all the permits and licenses in place we were off and running with our Temecula Wine Tours. 

We added the second cab (the Duke) a few months later.

Next came our custom SUV limousine, a smaller limo that seats 5-6 in luxurious leather seating with a bar, 3 DVD screens and great remote-controlled audio system.

So we really do have a fleet now! He's "The Beast".....

The Beast - our Excusion Limousine for the about us page

"The Beast" - our SUV limousine

Falcon, our Chevy Explorer limousine for the about us page

""Falcon" - our Chevy Explorer Limousine Van

Our next addition was our Chevy Explorer Limousine Van which seats up to 10 with a bar and limousine interior.

Named "Falcon" after Explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Scott of the Antarctic)

Our bus, "Louise", is a great addition to our fleet, seating up to 12-13 in soft leather perimeter seating.

She's the largest of our vehicles named after the smallest in our family, our daughter-in-law-Louise.

Had to be, we found her on Louise Avenue, Lathrop, CA!

Louise, our Ford Limousine bus for the about us page

Louise, our Ford Limousine bus

 Penny - our super-comfy 6 seater limousine for the about us page

Penny - our super-comfy 6 seater limousine

"Penny" is of course our Lincoln Limousine which seats 6 in deep padded leather seats.

Why Penny? We've already had a Lincoln SUV named "Abe" so she's named after the Lincoln Penny!

BTW - Ironically, Pete our eldest son is back living in London.

Chris, our youngest is still in Temecula, loving it.

We currently live in the most beautiful spot with views over the Temecula Valley, farming a small grove of 180 Navel orange and about 100 Cynthiana and Blanc de Bois vines.

When we're not driving through the wineries, we can be found on our little tractor somewhere in the grove!

Chris is a keen winemaker so nothing is wasted.

He has experimented with orange wine (not a success) and has a batch of mead from our neighbour's honey on the go (looking good!)

Chris Bawden (2nd from Left) and his colleagues at Briar Rose Winery for the about us page

Chris Bawden (2nd from Left) and his colleagues at Briar Rose Winery